Basically, loft beds are the type of beds that are elevated from the ground. They look much the same as bunk beds, only that the space for the other bunk is used for a floor area. Loft beds are common in college dormitory rooms where spaces are at a minimum. The space under the bed can be used for a computer desk or a couch.
Today such beds are even used in homes to make children's rooms more versatile.
The basic loft bed has a frame where the mattress is placed. Braces are attached to the frame. The height of the bed will depend on how much space you want to free for your specific purpose.

If you have basic skills in carpentry, you can make your own elevated bed. But if you don't you must employ a professional to do it for you. Such beds can also be bought from furniture stores. However, they are delivered to you in their dismantled form. You don't have to worry though, because assembling the bed is easy.

Commercially available elevated beds have additional features under them. One of the most common is a futon where your guests can sit. During sleepovers, you can simply turn this futon into a supplementary bed. Other beds feature a mini closet, chests, drawers and other storage spaces. There are also elevated beds that feature desks that serve as study areas.
If the elevated bed does not offer these features, you can always buy additional equipment separately. Just make sure that the equipment you buy fits in the space.
Elevated beds bring a handful of benefits and the most obvious among them is the additional space. Putting two elevated beds in a children's room lets you provide extra private space for the kids.

Elevated beds can also become decorative if you can carefully choose the other pieces that you put under it. This way, you do not only make the room more functional but also make it look better.


Because of its height, a loft bed poses dangers. That's why it is not recommended for all kids. If you want to have one for your kids' room, make sure that they are mature enough to understand the risks of having elevated beds. Children have the tendency to move around in their slumber. If the bunk does not have rails, they may fall over while asleep. These accidents can injure the kids.

Moreover, you do not want to have an unstable frame if you are planning to use the extra space. If you want to install this kind of bed, make sure that the frames are sturdy enough to provide excellent support. If the frames break, it can cause injuries to those who are under or on the bed.

If you are planning to do home renovation for the purpose of freeing up some space, installing elevated beds would be a good idea. You can either make one for your own or buy from your trusted furniture store. For sure, you will find loft beds that are suitable for your needs.

2/8/2013 17:42:28

loft beds are really awesome... they become incredible if they come in trundle bed style. i have the same style.


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