If you are looking at buying furniture for your dining room, you might be considering whether to choose from dining room sets or just getting separate chairs, table, sideboard etc. This article will hopefully help you decide which is best suited to you.

When looking at furniture such as dining room sets you need to consider what fits into your house best. If it is already a mixture of different furniture in different styles then a brand new table and chairs set all matching may well not work for you. However, if you intend to have a fully matching house eventually then you might want to start by looking at elegant dining room sets.

Tables are usually made of wood, although some have glass panels or a complete glass top. Glass is easy to clean spillages off and doesn't stain like wood can, but shows up fingerprints really badly so has to be wiped off after every meal. Chairs usually come in either wood or leather or PVC padded chairs with a wooden base. The wooden ones usually look smarter but are harder to keep clean. Some are covered in fabric which can look very effective but may not be practical if you have children.

You can get tables that can be extended to accommodate more people. If you regularly have extra guests for dinner but don't have the room to have a large table all the time this can be a great idea. However, you need to keep in mind that you will need space to store the extra chairs as well. You could get enough matching chairs to fit round the table when it is closed up and then get folding chairs for when it is opened out so they can be stored easily, but they won't look very nice if you have a dinner party.

When looking at dining room sets you need to consider if the style of them will still be in fashion in ten years time and whether it is still likely to match your decor. You want furniture to last and so therefore it isn't always the best idea to buy the item that is really fashionable at the time. But dining rooms with a timeless elegance instead that will stand up well to the test of time. If your chairs are fabric covered check to see how easy it might be to recover them to match a newly decorated room, as this is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole set.

Most importantly consider your budget. You don't want to buy something really cheap that you will have to replace sooner. This will be a false economy as you will be paying for something new in just a few years.

However, don't pay way above what you can afford just for a matching set. You can always buy extra chairs or a sideboard second hand that will match. Just make sure your furniture is made from a popular wood and you should be able to get other furniture made of the same wood that will match.
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